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How to get 90% and above marks in Chemistry? - Work Sheets for Each Chapter

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I have attached here few work sheets to score more than 90% in chemistry examination of CBSE/ISC board. Here are my tips and suggestions to score a good percentage in your examinations which are the outcome of my case study while teaching my students for 12 years.

1. Defeat Yourself - try to do more as you done in past.

2. Be careful with your weak points

3. Solve previous year papers & take mock tests

4. Don’t underestimate ENGLISH

5. Do your answer sheet looks filthy after you finish the paper

6. Proper planning and time management

7. Maintain the right attitude all throughout

8. Take care of your health

9. Manage shift between different subjects

10. Sleep well to boost memory

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