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Salt Analysis for Class XII Practical File

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Salt analysis (also known as systematic qualitative analysis or qualitative inorganic analysis) involves the identification of the cation and anion of an inorganic salt. This is done by conducting a series of tests in a systematic manner and using the observations to confirm the absence or presence of specific cations and anions. Salt analysis is an integral part of the CBSE and ISC Class 12 Chemistry practical examinations and is a topic that several students struggle with. Therefore, we at GURUCOOL CLASSES have channelled our efforts into explaining this topic in a manner that is easy to understand and remember. If questions like “How to do salt analysis?” and “How to remember salt analysis procedures easily?” are puzzling you, look no further! This article also touches on certain tricks and shortcuts that students can employ to quickly analyze their assigned salts in their chemistry practical examinations.

Salt Analysis For Class XII - By Dr. Vikas Yadav
Download PDF • 3.11MB

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