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Write the function of the following in the human alimentary canal:(i) Saliva(ii) HCl in.....

Q. Write the function of the following in the

human alimentary canal:

(i) Saliva

(ii) HCl in stomach

(iii) Bile juice

(iv) Villi

(B) Write one function each of the following


(i) Pepsin

(ii) Lipase

[CBSE 2019]

Ans. (A) Function of given substances in

(i) Saliva:

(1) Saliva moistens the food so it can be

swallowed easily.

(2) Saliva contains the enzyme salivary

amylase that breaks some starches

into sugar.

(ii) HCl in stomach:

(1) The hydrochloric acid creates an

acidic medium which facilitates the

action of the enzyme pepsin.

(2) It also kills germs or pathogens.

(iii) Bile juice:

(1) It makes the acidic food coming

from the stomach alkaline, so as

to enable the action of pancreatic


(2) It contains bile pigments and bile

salts which carry out emulsification

of fats.

(iv) Villi:

(1) These are fnger-like projections

present in the inner lining of the

small intestines which increase the

surface area for absorption.

(2) In the large intestine villi absorb

water from the unabsorbed food.

(B) Function of enzymes is given below:

(i) Pepsin: It is found in gastric juice and

digests proteins found in ingested food.

(ii) Lipase: It digests the emulsified fats and

converts it to fatty acids and glycerol.

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